St. Paul College Pasig

The Premier Center for Basic Education


Our Preschool Program provides a nurturing, caring and God loving environment that promotes the development of a healthy self-concept and a positive self-esteem among children. Such ambiance is very conducive for early school learning specifically on the formation of well-rounded Paulinians – imbued with values and eagerness to learn.

Academically, our Preschoolers are anchored on fundamental skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, adding, subtracting, good manners and right conduct, recognizing community members, and talent development such as ballet, taekwondo, gymnastics and dance. Through play activities children enjoy discovering or knowing something new.

Preschoolers enjoy a dip in their own swimming pool, providing a welcome respite from formal class activities. In addition to the physical exercise it gives, the community recreation allows the children to establish their circle of friends in a comfortable setting. Introduction to computer education is done through the use of the Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) held at the Preschool E-Classroom. It is here that Preschoolers acquire an understanding of how computers work at the same time that their language, reading, and number skills are reinforced.

The Preschool Agenda likewise includes a time for Spiritual activities. The Chapel of the Resurrection where religious worship and rites are celebrated is open daily for the Preschoolers to form a habit of passing by and saying “hi” to Jesus with their short spontaneous prayer.

We believe that effective instruction can improve pupil achievement and eventually produce an independent self-regulated learner.