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Robotics Program


The integration of Robotics in the curriculum is aimed at enhancing the development of the 21st century skills: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Robotics provides an environment for students to learn how to design and construct robotics solutions to real-world problems and encompasses multi-disciplinary skills covering Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Robotics is designed to help students:

  1. develop the ability to solve problems and provide several solutions to difficult technological problems using robotics;
  2. form the capacity to build and explore endless technological possibilities;
  3. sharpen visual communication skills and use of technological languages suitable for explaining and illustrating aspects of technology;
  4. foster lifelong learning patterns by constantly questioning different approaches in a changing technological environment;
  5. enhance their ability to interact socially, cooperate efficiently with a team, and attain effective integration of knowledge and resources.


VEX – Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

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