St. Paul College Pasig

The Premier Center for Basic Education



     St. Paul College Pasig, true to its Vision-Mission, embraces the challenging mission to achieve not just academic excellence but more importantly, the integral formation of the young Paulinians to become living witnesses of Christ and effective agents of transformation. Building of character and the strengthening of the students’ moral fiber is the flipside of academic excellence. The homeroom program has been conceived to firm up the Christian formation of young Paulinians who are facing an increasingly complex world characterized by pluralism, materialism and technology.


The GRADE SCHOOL Homeroom Program aims to: 

  1. develop a sound and worthy value system anchored on Marian and Pauline virtues and values;
  2. explore and define their identity as individuals and prepare them to assume their responsibility as functioning members of society in a non-academic setting;
  3. have an increased understanding of their real self and develop appreciation for their uniqueness as persons; and
  4. acquire and strengthen intrapersonal, interpersonal and in general, social skills.

The HIGH SCHOOL Homeroom Program aims to: 

  1. provide the students with the knowledge and skills they need to make the transition from childhood to adulthood more productive and meaningful through a classroom setting that is akin to the congenial atmosphere of the home;
  2. equip students with the skills needed to cope with academic demands, to increase and enhance emotional quotient, and to develop a sound and worthy value system;
  3. provide venues for students to broaden their interests and to improve their interpersonal and leadership skills;
  4. help students acquire skills to explore and define their identity as individuals and form them to become holistic;
  5. facilitate and intensify the embodiment of moral and spiritual values to empower students to become witnesses of Christ and agents of social transformation wherever they may be;
  6. inculcate in the students a heart for the poorest of the poor by actively involving them in community extension services;
  7. develop in the students the commitment to protect and preserve the dignity of human life and the integrity of creation; and
  8. empower them with skills in decision-making and discernment especially in life-impacting situations and choices of careers.