St. Paul College Pasig

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Cultural Arts Program

Our Cultural Arts Program (1975 to present) was conceived long before the birth of the GIFT Program. The program, which was not part of the curriculum, began as short-term courses in ballet, violin, piano, and voice for the elite or select few who could afford the additional fees. Professional talents came and offered their services as independent contractors.

The birth of GIFT paved the way for the Cultural Arts Program (CAP) to join the mainstream. Talent development became a vital part of the curriculum, granting all students equal access to and opportunities for the further nurturing of their talents. A large number of students continue to enroll in CAP in their desire to acquire skills and other talents, especially in the field of music and ballet. The schedule of classes is normally after class hours (for those who do not have GIFT classes) and during Saturdays. Summer classes are also offered to interested Paulinians and outsiders.

CAP regularly offers ballet during the expertise of Mrs. Vella Damian (certified ballet teacher by Australian Conservatorie and Royal Academy of Dancing) of the Damian School of Ballet (since 1960). It also offers violin, guitar, voice, piano, karatedo, taekwondo, swimming, and arts classes.