St. Paul College Pasig

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Fees and Financial Policies

Aside from receiving direct payment through the Cashier, St. Paul College, Pasig also accepts payment of fees through bank (over-the-counter and online) through the Bills Payment Facility (name and forms may vary depending on bank).

Over-the-counter Transactions

  • Fill up the Bank Payment Slip of the bank of your choice.
  • Write ST. PAUL COLLEGE, PASIG in the Company Name.
  • Write the Student ID# in the Reference Number.

Online Banking Transactions

Affiliated banks:

Withdrawal and Refund Policy:

Students who withdraw after payment has been made within the periods stated below are entitled to the following refund:

  • 1st week of classes: 90% refund of tuition fee
  • 2nd week of classes: 10% refund of tuition fee
  • 3rd week of classes and onwards: NO MORE REFUND

Above refund scheme was based from the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools (Revised in 1992):

  • Article III, Section 66 –“The student may be charged all the school fees in full if she withdraws from the entire school year for elementary and secondary courses, and for the entire semester for collegiate courses.”
  • Article XIII, Section 62 – “When a student registers in a school, it is understood that he or she is enrolling for the entire school year for elementary and secondary courses, and for the entire semester for collegiate courses.”

Registration and matriculation fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. However, other fees that are not yet applied (fees for graduation, field trip, yearbook, etc.) may be refunded in full.


Payment of pre-enrollment fees will only be accepted if accounts are fully settled. Pre-enrollment fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, but deductible from the tuition fee.
IMPORTANT: Your daughter’s pre-enrollment does not mean automatic promotion to the next level. Her admission is still subject to school policies and regulations.

Car Sticker Application

Each officially enrolled student is allowed a maximum of two (2) car stickers. Additional/replacement of car sticker(s) will only be accommodated on the scheduled dates (after enrollment period) to be posted at the Main Gate.

Please bring the following requirements:

  • Duly accomplished Car Sticker Application Form (available at the Cashier/Finance Office)
  • One (1) 2×2 ID Picture of the Parent-Applicant
  • One (1) Photocopy of the following documents:
  • Parent-applicant is the registered owner of the vehicle:
    • Official Receipt (MVRR) & Cert. of Registration of the vehicle (s).
  • Parent-applicant is NOT the registered owner of the vehicle:
    • Deed of Sale
    • Company car/ Car plan:
      • Certification issued by the company to the parent-applicant
    • Newly-bought vehicle awaiting release of plate/registration papers:
      • Indicate conduction sticker number
      • Certification from the car dealer
    • Company-owned car:
      • Attach applicable document (s):
        • DTI Certificate of Registration – for single proprietor
        • Gen. Info. Sheet (GIS) submitted to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – for corporation
    • Mortgaged car:
      • Any valid document evidencing mortgage issued by the bank/financing company to the parent-applicant.